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General Election 2024

During the dissolution of Parliament the APPG has ceased to exist. We aim to reconstitute the APPG after the election.

APPG for Self-Driving Vehicles

The Self-Driving APPG provides a forum for parliamentarians, industry and academics to promote the economic, environmental and safety benefits of self-driving vehicles for a variety of use cases across all parts of the UK. In collaboration with sponsors AXA, Burges Salmon, WSP and Wayve, it acts as the voice of the automated vehicle (AV) sector in Parliament.

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Founded in 2023 with support from AXA, Burges Salmon, Wayve and WSP, the Self-Driving APPG aims to raise awareness of advancements in self-driving technology and argue for a financial and legislative environment that encourages innovation while building public trust in new technologies. The APPG is led by Chair Ben Everitt MP.

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Chair and Partners

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Ben Everitt MP

Ben Everitt (Con) is the MP for Milton Keynes North, an area synonymous with the trialling and development of new transport innovations. Since his re-election in 2019, Ben has been a strong advocate for the UK fulfilling its potential as a hub for technological innovation, in particular to develop a thriving, world-leading automated mobility sector.


As a leading insurer, AXA is committed to finding and developing new ways to make our roads safer, more efficient and accessible for those currently unable to drive. AXA firmly believes automated driving technologies can deliver significant benefits for the UK road network, provided safety remains at the heart of their development and deployment.

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Burges Salmon

Burges Salmon is an independent law firm with offices in Bristol, Edinburgh and London. The firm's transport technology lawyers have unrivalled expertise in the transport sector. Burges Salmon provides thought leadership on legal and regulatory reform for connected and automated mobility, based on the firm's experience and involvement across 5 government-funded projects: VENTURER, FLOURISH, Capri, Robopilot and MultiCAV.


Founded in 2017, Wayve is pioneering deep learning and AI for the next generation of autonomous driving. Wayve is the first company to demonstrate an end-to-end learned driving system with complete vehicle control, powering a self-driving vehicle on UK public roads. Wayve has raised a $20M Series A and opened a HQ in London with a fleet of autonomous electric vehicles.

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WSP works closely with key players across the world to better understand the impact of new mobility on local environments. WSP consults with state and local transportation agencies to determine where they are today and where they want these advancing transportation technologies to enable them to deliver their services in future.

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